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Tips to Onboard New Employees – Jay Holstine

Tips to Onboard New Employees - Jay Holstine

If you wish to retain your employees for longer, you must make them feel valued. This needs to happen from day one of their joining. When you do that, employees feel much more welcome. They feel like a valuable part of the team and then give their best to what they are doing. So how can you make the onboarding process smoother for employees? In this guide, Jay Holstine takes you through a few tips that can help.

How to Onboard New Employees by Jay Holstine

Here are a few tips to help you make the onboarding process smoother.

1.     Don’t Wait for the First Day

It is recommended that you don’t wait for the day that they start working. The day they accept the offer to work is when you start building a relationship with them. Send them all the important documents that help them learn about the company. Not just that, but also send them a well-written welcome email so that they understand the company and feel valued.

2.     Make their First Day Hassle Free

Usually, the first day at work can seem very overwhelming. It might all seem challenging with so much to do and so many different things to understand. HR should make the first day hassle-free for employees by telling them all the important things they need to know about the company and its policies.

3.     Introduce People to Each Other

You can only expect employees to work well with each other when they know each other and are comfortable enough. So start off by introducing new employees to the others so they can start building a rapport, which eventually allows them to work their way through things easily.

4.     Teach them Team Dynamics

Every team has a different approach to work. Jay Holstine says that making employees aware of the team dynamics is essential to make them very comfortable with what they do. It is important that at every step of the way, you try to educate employees in the healthiest way possible, teaching them the best ways of doing things.

5.     Define Expectations

From day one, they should be aware of what is expected of them. You must not rely on any type of job description to help you but should focus on having guidelines that the employees should be aware of under all circumstances.

6.     Encourage Asking Questions

They will have questions in their mind when they are new. It is normal to find yourself feeling confused right when you join in. When you create an environment where they ask questions, it helps develop a sense of comfort, which is integral for them to give their best to their work, says Jay Holstine.

7.     Make Use of Training Methods

After assessing their strengths, develop training methods that will help them slowly work their way up toward things.

Final Words by Jay Holstine

With these valuable tips by Jay Holstine on onboarding employees effectively, you will notice how employees give their best to what they are doing and feel very comfortable right from their first day at work.