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Jay Holstine’s Guide to 8 Customer Engagement Marketing Tactics

Jay Holstine's Guide to 8 Customer Engagement Marketing Tactics

Most business owners would agree that one of the most challenging yet vital aspects of business growth is marketing. Although difficult to master, marketing is an art that, if used correctly, can result in increased sales, profit, and ROI.

However, Jay Holstine believes that the problem is that with ever-changing technology, it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends and strategies. This is where customer engagement marketing comes in.

Customer engagement marketing is a term that covers a lot of different aspects of marketing, but at its core, it’s all about creating a two-way conversation with your customers. It’s about listening to them and understanding their needs, and then using that information to create better products, services, and experiences.

Marketing tactics to Engage Customers – Explained By Jay Holstine

1. Use social media

Social media is a great way to start building relationships with your customers. It’s a platform where you can have open and honest conversations and get feedback in real time. You can use social media to:

– Share your brand story and connect with customers on a deeper level

– Showcase your products and services in a way that’s informal and approachable

– Seek out customer feedback and take it on board to improve your offerings

– Announce new products, services, or promotions

– Offer exclusive deals and discounts

2. Send out surveys

Another great way to engage with your customers is by sending out surveys. According to Jay Holstine, these forms help you to understand their needs better and figure out what areas you need to improve in. Surveys also give customers a chance to have their say and feel like they’re being listened to.

3. Hold competitions and giveaways

Competitions and giveaways are always popular with customers, as they offer the chance to win prizes. But beyond that, they’re also a great way to engage with your customers and get them talking about your brand.

4. Create a loyalty program

Loyalty programs are a great way to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business. They work by offering rewards for customers who make repeated purchases or meet certain criteria. This could be anything from discounts to free products or exclusive access to new releases.

5. Provide excellent customer service

This one might seem obvious, but providing excellent customer service is essential for building strong relationships with your customers. It’s important to always be responsive, helpful, and available whenever your customers need you.

6. Offer a personalized experience

In today’s day and age, customers expect a personalized experience. They want to feel like you know them and that you’re catering to their specific needs. You can do this by using things like data segmentation and customer profiles to offer a more targeted and relevant experience.

7. Host events

Events are a great way to connect with your customers in person. They give you an opportunity to show them your products or services up close and build rapport in a face-to-face setting. Events also create a sense of community and belonging, which can be invaluable for customer retention.

8. Get involved in charitable causes

Giving back to the community is a great way to build goodwill and connect with your customers on a deeper level. It shows that you care about more than just making money and that you’re invested in making a difference. Charitable causes also tend to generate a lot of positive media attention, which can help to boost your brand awareness.

Bottom Line

Jay Holstine emphasizes that customer engagement is essential for any business that wants to thrive in today’s competitive market. By using some of the strategies above, you can start building stronger relationships with your customers and driving long-term growth for your business.