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Best Books on Business leadership by Jay Holstine

Best Books on Business leadership

If you’re looking to take your business leadership skills to the next level, several great books out there can help. In this blog post by Jay Holstine, we’ll look at some of the best business leadership books and discuss why they might be worth reading. So if you’re ready to become a better leader, keep reading!

Jay Holstine‘s Top Picks for the Best Book on Business Leadership 

Leaders Eat Last

Leaders Eat Last is a business leadership book by Simon Sinek. The book explores the idea that great leaders put their team’s needs before their own.

Sinek argues that leaders should create an environment where people feel safe and trusted, leading to better performance and results.

He cites research that shows that employees who feel like they are part of a team are more productive, more engaged, and more likely to stay with an organization.

 Leaders Eat Last provides practical advice for business leaders on creating a team-based culture in their organizations. It is an essential read for anyone interested in business leadership.

Dare to Lead

Brené Brown, business leadership book Dare to Lead, explores what it takes to be a leader in the modern business world. Brown argues that the key to successful leadership is vulnerability.

Leaders must be willing to open themselves up to their team members, sharing their struggles and successes. According to Jay Holstine, this vulnerability creates a sense of trust and respect between the leader and the team.

In addition, leaders must also be willing to take risks. They cannot be afraid to fail because failure is essential for learning and growth.

Ultimately, Brené Brown believes that the best leaders are those who dare to lead with authenticity and integrity.

Lean In

Lean In is a business leadership book by Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook. First published in 2013, the book focuses on gender equality in the workplace and encourages women to pursue their ambitions.

The book has been praised for its insights into leadership and feminism, and it has become a bestseller, selling over two million copies worldwide. Lean In has also inspired a global movement of the same name, which works to empower women and achieve gender equality.

The movement has launched chapters in over 60 countries and provides resources and support for women of all ages.

In 2018, the #MeToo movement began as a response to sexual harassment and assault in the workplace, and Lean In played an essential role in amplifying the voices of survivors. According to Jay Holstine, the book continues to be an influential resource for business leaders and feminists alike.

Jay Holstine‘s Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for some good business leadership books, check out Jay Holstine’s list. You’ll find classics Dare to Lead and more modern options like Lean In. No matter your personal style, you’re sure to find a book on this list that can help you become a better leader.