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7 Qualities Every Leader Should Have As Per Jay Holstine

7 Qualities Every Leader Should Have As Per Jay Holstine

According to Jay Holstine, when you are thinking about leadership, many people may automatically confuse it with management. However, this is not entirely true.

Whatever your position in the company is, you can possess leadership qualities. There are many managers who do not even possess the qualities of leadership.

When you are thinking of what strong leadership is, you can have many different perspectives on it. According to Jay Holstine, here are some important qualities that a leader should possess.

1.   They Should Have Good Communication Skills – Jay Holstine

If you want to have good leadership, it is important that you have a sense of effective communication. Whether you are talking to a colleague, explaining something in a presentation, or coaching a junior employee – your communication should reflect the level of expertise that you possess.

2.   They Should Possess Integrity – Jay Holstine.

Integrity is considered to be essential for a leader. When you are in the league of top-level executives, it is important that you consider the character that you showcase.

Good leaders always reflect a spark of integrity and honesty in their decisions. This helps in reinstating the importance of these characteristics in an organisation.

3.   They Are Self-Aware – Jay Holstine

Self-awareness is very important when you are aspiring to be a leader. Many leaders strongly reflect this quality in their behaviour.

They recognize their strengths, according to Jay Holstine and work in bettering them even more. Other than that, they are even aware of their weakness and learn to combat them too.

4.   They Possess learning Agility – Jay Holstine.

Leaders usually possess the ability to learn quickly and understand what to do in unforeseen circumstances. They can do well in a position where they lack experience and have to make do with whatever they know.

Being a ‘quick study’, these leaders are great learners and power through different situations.

5.   They Show Gratitude – Jay Holstine

When you are thankful for whatever you have, this can help in increasing your self-esteem and also aid in the reduction of depression.

While you may not know this, gratitude actually makes you a good leader. When you regulate the practice of ‘thank you’ in a workplace, you can see the employees working harder for a person who is appreciative.

6.   They Possess Empathy – Jay Holstine

Many leaders are seen to show characteristics of empathy in their life. Being an empathetic soul can elevate your emotional intelligence which can make your leadership even more effective.

It is quite important that you show the traits of empathy in your life so that you can perform in a better way.

7.   They Should Hold Influence – Jay Holstine

While influence can feel like a bad word, you need to have an influential personality as a leader. This can help the people to understand you and ensure better and more effective leadership.

While you do not need to manipulate anyone, it is essential that you can earn their trust.

End Note

As per Jay Holstine, these are the seven characteristics that a leader should have so that they can lead better.