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Home » Blog » 4 Traits Every Leader Should Have in 2023 – Jay Holstine

4 Traits Every Leader Should Have in 2023 – Jay Holstine

4 Traits Every Leader Should Have in 2023 - Jay Holstine

2022 was when we finally felt okay to return to offices after the pandemic. However, the working model hasn’t made it back quite yet, and it’s unlikely that it will return to what was pre-pandemic. Many workplaces are allowing their employees to work remotely or adopting a hybrid model that allows for much flexibility moving forward. However, with this model, it’s also much more complicated to be a leader in 2023. Jay Holstine says that if you want to lead a team in 2023, then there are some traits that you must have or hone within yourself.

What is a Good Leader?

A good leader isn’t someone who forces people to do their work. Nowadays, the concept of being a team lead is quite different from the past. Leaders must lead by example and inspire their members to do the best possible job. Jay Holstine says that the workplace will face many challenges in 2023. Thus, it’s essential to have good leaders who can be understanding towards their members while remaining objective-oriented to progress the company’s goals.

Traits Every Leader Should Have in 2023 by Jay Holstine

If you’re trying to be a leader in 2023, then there are some traits that you must have to ensure that you can lead teams effectively.

1.     Resilience

If you’re not someone who can handle the ups and downs of a business, then you’re not going to make it as a leader. Team members often look to their leader to see if it’s the appropriate time to panic. If you can’t be resilient in your ventures, then chances are your team members will pick up on the chaos, leading to a company-wide panic. You must know how to take charge and calm your nerves when matters are going south, so your team members have a strong helm supporting them.

2.     Create a Safe Environment

Your team members should not fear you. If you’re leading people with fear, then chances are you’re doing it wrong. A safe environment is great for business as it allows people to bring their best ideas forward and feel supported. When you’re leading a team, you want to ensure that you’re fostering a sense of belonging and that no one in your team feels othered in your presence.

3.     Digital Awareness

The world is growing more digital by the minute, which means that if you’re unaware of AI, Cloud computing, or data analytics, you’re putting yourself at a significant disadvantage. It’s time to teach yourself all you can about the digital world so that you can monitor the digital end of your team too. Digital awareness also increases efficiency and innovation, which can help your business expand exponentially.

4.     Growth Mindset

You’re much more likely to want to learn and grow when you have a growth mindset. Leaders must have a growth mindset as they can recognize an opportunity and lead their teams towards it. If a leader believes that they can only grow to a certain extent, then they’re likely to prevent their whole team with this limiting belief, Jay Holstine states.

Final Thoughts by Jay Holstine

Jay Holstine has stated some traits a leader should have in 2023. However, other traits like empathy, discipline, and clear communication can also benefit leaders and team members.